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Cross Docking

Argo (Cargomasters) Ltd has a cross-docking / distribution facility that will improve transportation service to customers and reduce handling and storage costs. Our cross-dock facility allows for quick transfer through our warehouse to customers. Allow facility is just over an hour to London and within 30 minutes of major ports such as Harwich & Felixstowe. Product can be shipped directly to us from manufacturing factories to our warehouse where it will be deconsolidated into multiple shipments and delivered directly to the outbound customer. Special packaging and labeling requirements can be met as a value-added function of Argo (Cargomasters) Ltds’ cross-docking service.


Cross docking / Pool Distribution shifts the focus from “supply chain” to “demand chain”. For example stock coming into the cross docking centre has already been pre-allocated against a replenishment order generated by a retailer in the supply chain.

Materials are brought in to one central location and then sorted for delivery to a variety of destinations Consolidation arrangements, where a variety of smaller shipments are combined into one larger shipment for transport economy, where large shipments are broken down into smaller lots for ease of delivery.

  • Greater supply chain responsiveness
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced product obsolescence
  • Reduced product damages
  • Reduced transit times
  • Faster time to market


Storage & Distribution

Argo (Cargomasters) Ltd offers the complete, tailored solution of storage fulfilment and distribution services that gets your products to your customers in the most efficient, timely and cost effective manner.

If you want to save money, add value and give your company a competitive edge then let us show you why Argo (Cargomasters) Ltd is the best choice.

From our warehouse we can control all your operational requirements helping you to concentrate on the buying and selling therefore effectively reducing the major headaches of running a business so you can concentrate on what really matters!

Services provided:

  • Palletisation of loose goods.
  • Unloading and palletisation of containers.
  • Shrink wrapping of incoming pallets or made up pallets.
  • Racking storage whether it be 1 pallet or 10,000
  • Pallet breaking, pick & pack, despatch via our pallet and postal services.
  • Packaging of all types.
  • High value fashion, electronic and engineering components.
  • Products can be held by us for long periods or overnight, the choice is yours
  • 24/7 Client access to stock inventory.

We can tailor our system for reports to be generated daily, weekly and/or monthly. We are here to give you the right information at the right time so whatever requirement you need we are here for you.

Our prices are fully transparent and you’ll find no hidden extras and all our contracts are priced on an individual basis and normally comprise of a storage charge based on pallet numbers and handling charge based on the movements required and other services provided


Warehouse Security

As Argo works for some high profile clients and carries high value goods it is only natural that Argo takes its security very seriously.

Both Argo’s 24/7 warehouse / fulfilment centre and its vehicles plus staff are approved by our clients assets protection teams. Our sites include:


  • Dualcom 24/7/365 system
  • Galaxy G3 series intruder alarm (Incl. PIR, Infra-red, Dual Technology Anti Mask movement sensors and Concealed magnetic contacts sensors)
  • Staff are CRB and PNC checked yearly
  • Roller doors are fitted with magnetic reed contacts
  • Audible Warning device
  • Unauthorised entry is audible


  • Monitored 15 Camera CCTV
  • Cameras cover delivery area
  • Cameras cover all exits, entrances & floor areas
  • 24/7/365 remote monitoring facility
  • Super high resolution domes cameras with day and night (Incl. Infra-red) function
  • High resolution auto focus colour day / night cameras (Incl. Infra-red) function

Perimeter Security

  • 4m high perimeter fence
  • Automatic (steel) gate
  • Dual perimeter security beam activates alarm, master blaster
  • Flood lights


  • Lockers for employee personal effects
  • Proximity card reader access
  • Physical guards
  • Access Control
  • Proximity card reader accessv
  • Exit button
  • Emergency break glass safety devices
  • Electronic locking devices


  • Bull bars & anti ram raid bars fitted
  • End locks covering full curtain height
  • 6mm galvanised t section fitted
  • Safety break anti-drop fail safe mechanism fitted
  • Controlled by a low voltage high security switch


To discuss your individual requirements please call 01206 800400 or email sales@argocargo.co.uk

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