We’re Helping Others Achieve NOW

Argo 3PL is proud of the service it offers and how we are able to help businesses achieve growth and success in these times of challenging market conditions.

Below are some of the clients we are already working with for whom our service offering has helped each to grow their business in a unique way. Click on the relevant entry below to read more.

“Thanks to Argo 3PL we’ve been able to grow the business whilst not having to worrying about the strict and demanding requirements of Amazon marketplace fulfilment. We have to achieve same day dispatch on all our orders and via several different couriers. With Argo 3PL’s help and accessible tools we’ve not only met Amazon requirements but exceeded them and the business bottom line has benefited as a result.”

3Style Scooters® Grow Through Hitting Amazon KPI’s

3Style Scooters® was founded in 2014 with a view for providing a quality alternative to the market leader in the kids outdoor kick scooter toys space. They made the decision right from the start to outsource fulfilment, allowing them to concentrate on the launching of the business.

Early on it was identified that Amazon was an ideal place in which to launch the companies products and it was soon realised that it would be an important platform for growing the business, the importance of fulfilment performance when using Amazon however, was paramount.

Customer Demand Drives Performance

For those sellers who are committed to providing an outstanding purchasing experience on the Amazon platform and hitting KPI’s, their products are promoted in Amazon listings over their competitors, providing a distinct advantage.

Working with Argo 3PL by identifying specific daily dispatch times and choosing the best couriers for requested premium speed deliveries, 3Style Scooters® has steadily carved out a reputation for outstanding performance both in terms of fulfilment KPI’s and in terms of customer delivery satisfaction.

The Future Of Fulfillment

Having grown the business significantly over the past few years and having consistently worked to Amazon standards, 3Style Scooters® have now been offered the unique opportunity to work even closer with Amazon based on this performance.

Moving forward, Amazon will be monitoring even more closely the fulfilment performance of the company and by proxy Argo 3PL, in order to continue to ensure customers on their platform receive best-in-class service so they maintain their dominant market position.




Heavy Parcel Help For IronMaster

IronMaster are niche providers of high-tech multi-weight systems for advanced home users. They provide the very best equipment to an enthusiastic and devoted marketplace and have seen consistent YoY growth as a result.

Run by a small team, it continues to be important to keep fixed costs low whilst keeping momentum within the business. Not surprisingly, minimising stock movement is also important given the weight of their parcels, typically 20KG as a minimum, as items of above this weight will normally require two operatives to lift and move for health and safety.

Sharing The Load When It Comes To Overheads

IronMaster came to Argo 3PL with two problems, one, as mentioned above, was that of fulfilling parcels of high weight level, and two was finding better consistency in how couriers dealt with their parcels, especially very heavy items. The problem was that profit per item is high but sales volumes are comparatively low compared to more typical FMCG businesses. Couriers require volume both for regular on-site pickups and for the best pricing levels.

By utilising Argo 3PL, this solved both these issues. Our warehouse teams are trained and prepped for heavy lifting and can share the workload here to avoid fatique given the weight levels. Argo 3PL, due to our existing customer base, has regular on-site pickups from a range of couriers, allowing for flexibility in fulfilment as well as offering outstanding parcel rates due to the combined customer parcel volume.

Opening Up Possibilities For Expansion

Now that several barriers to growth have been removed, IronMaster can continue to look at how next to expand their market share and develop their brand even further.

If looking to expand to channels such as Amazon or Ebay or more specialist marketplace platforms, they can rest assured that now they have partnered with Argo 3PL, our expertise will be at their disposal and our systems are in place and ready to support them.





Welcome Products Outsource B2B Fulfilment

Whilst Argo 3PL is ideal for B2C FMCG businesses, 3PL Fulfilment can have a wide variety of uses. One of these is a B2B ‘Distribution Centre’ model of operation, this would be where stock is stored in our warehouse and combined on-site into one parcel. This can then be sent to a business premise, such as a retail store, and replenish the store of the required items.

Whilst for many businesses this may be a core part of their operations their are some for whom their is a side requirement as result of their primary business operation. This was the case with Welcome Products, who provide welcome packs for guests to the hotelier industry.

Focus On Customers And Not On Managing Fulfilment

Welcome Products utilise Argo 3PL as their outsourced storage warehousing solution which allows them to focus on client management and new business development. Their packs are offered to hotels across the country, with a hotel being able to place an order for a wide variety of items for their guests, and this order, comprising hundreds of different items, is then compiled on-site at Argo and sent out as a combined package.

With a greater emphasis on storage and less on quantity of orders, this model of operation once again allows Welcome Products to keep fixed costs low and gain business development time by having Argo put orders together in our warehouse and dispatch.

Developing Tools, An Evolving Partnership

The Argo 3PL solution has allowed Welcome Products to focus on client management and business development in a high pressure industry where individual clients are high value and require a high level of service. Order fulfilment accuracy is paramount to the maintenance of a good partnership with the hotels and Argo 3PL is up to the challenge!



“As we have grown, Argo have expanded the services they provide to us and have become a key partner in our business. We now store all of our stock with them and they additionally pick, pack and ship for us and provide real time access to stock and shipping information, enabling us to keep on top of all orders and stock movements.” – Operations Director, RockTape UK

More Time Now For Customers At RockTape

RockTape are originally an American company who specialise in providing kinesiology tape products to amateur and professional athletes. The company has grown significantly over the last decade and, as a result, launched the brand in the UK several years ago.

Like many companies entering a foreign market, the emphasis at first was to start small, with low overheads, and grow the brand in the territory, scaling up as the company’s profile is established and demand increases.

Our Flexible WMS Makes Us The Ideal Partner

Initially Rocktape used Argo solely for last mile distribution but as the relationship developed and RockTape’s business grew, we fast became the natural choice as a 3PL partner, firstly due to the existing relationship but secondly thanks to our flexible WMS which offered all the features RockTape required in their outsourcing partner.

Selling primarily via their website to professionals across the country, RockTape retail from an SAAS e-Commerce solution which directly interfaces with our customised WMS. On top of this, they are able to use a suite of communication tools for case tracking that enables easy communication between themselves and their account manager.

Grow The Business, Not Overheads

With RockTape freed from the management of fulfilment this has allowed them to refocus on growing this dynamic brand in the market in which it has already been well received. Our WMS allows quick and easy integration with new channels and our service can scale quickly and easily to account for success on these platforms