Remove A Barrier To Business Growth

Outsourcing the fulfilment of your stock orders, commonly known as 3rd party logistics, is increasingly the ideal choice for many growing SME businesses.

This allows the management team to focus on business growth and development and less on the storage, picking, packing and sending of stock.

5 Key Reasons To Outsource Fulfillment

Reduce Overhead Costs


Whilst a business can often operate with a small number of key admin staff, the storage demands of large stock holdings often requires significant investment in the form of warehousing and storage premises.

This money represents an opportunity cost to the business, whereby it could be better invested into marketing and business or product development, allowing for more rapid expansion at a key point in a company’s growth.

Reduce Staff Management

Recruiting, interviewing, training, reviewing, and managing staff, these are all time consuming business activities related to order fulfilment. As a business grows, knowing when to invest in additional staff can also be a difficult decision to make.

With Argo 3PL this no longer becomes the worry of business owners, with them able to rely on our experience, scalability and flexible capacity in order to fulfil their increasing order numbers.

Benefit From Specialisation

The Argo 3PL Warehouse uses state of the art technology and software to track the in-flow and out-flow of stock and orders, giving us a 99.5% average picking accuracy whilst maintaining picking speed to hit dispatch KPI’s.

This allows us to fulfil multiple clients orders throughout the day, with structured picking schedules allowing for all customers orders to be dispatched on-time and before courier cut-off points. This allows our customers to hit fulfilment KPI’s on platforms such as Amazon as well as maintaining customer service expectations.

Scalability / Flexibility

Business growth is often characterised by periods of surging demand followed by stable trading. Managing this growth, especially staffing, to meet this fluctuating demand can be extremely challenging and can actually hinder growth in the long term as cash savings must be accumulated in order to upgrade to sufficient trading premises.

With Argo’s 3PL solution, these concerns are eliminated, with our warehouse capacity sufficient for companies of typically under 5 Million in sales turnover. Seasonal demand, special offer demand, viral breakout deman, any of these demand spikes we are able to cater for and continue to hit KPI’s even at our most busiest times.

Increase Free Time

Significant time savings can be made by outsourcing order fulfilment and the many business considerations that come with it, those such as stock holding space, staffing, coping with seasonal demand, courier rates, and more.

In this highly competitive digital age, gaining more time to analyse competitor market movements and to plan business development / growth can be vital to the ongoing success of a company. Don’t hesitate, contact Argo 3PL today and finally gain the time to focus on your business success.