A new innovative program for shipping and retailing clothes called Garments on Ditto (in reference to the industry term “Garments on Hanger”) wants to make the apparel trade a bit more efficient and sustainable: At its core is a multi-use, recycled hanger made of fibreboard, which is set to replace one-use, virgin plastic hangers – of which a staggering 34 billion go into landfills every year.

“People think plastic store hangers are used repeatedly but once the garment is sold, there’s no reuse. With the single use plastic hanger actually costing almost 10 cents more per garment to ship, sell and dispose of, retailers are paying a premium to send tons of plastic to our landfills,” said Gary Barker, founder and CEO of Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions.

To make the program possible, OIA Global, a provider of worldwide logistics, packaging, and materials sourcing and green product design company Ditto have entered into a joint marketing agreement for Garments on Ditto’s launch on September 1.

Retailers can save up to 20 percent

New fibreboard hangers make shipping of garments better, cheaper and sustainable“Retailers can reduce shipping and warehousing costs up to 20 percent and achieve significant sustainability advances using the Garments on Ditto program”, promised Steve Akre, OIA’s EVP of business development.

The Ditto hanger is made from 100 percent recycled paper fiberboard and is extremely durable, thus achieving marketing and retail benefits not possible with plastic hangers, one being that brand and other messages and QR codes can be printed directly on the hanger and thus go home with the consumer. Apart from saving on shipping and warehousing costs, up to 50 percent more garments can be hung in retail stores.

In addition, once the hanger’s life has come to an end, it is 100 percent recyclable either at the store or in consumers’ curbside recycling programs. It is also 100 percent nontoxic as soy-based inks and starch-based adhesives are used – no heavy metals, chlorine or formaldehyde.

OIA, founded in 1998, is part of Indianapolis-based funding company LDI. Ditto Brand Solutions is based in Oakland, CA and conceives, engineers and produces highly-designed, sustainable retail displays.

Source: fashionunited.uk

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