High Value

Successfully transporting high value goods requires the highest levels of care, planning and trust. From precious stones, priceless paintings to an unreleased prototype or invaluable medical equipment, here at Argo we work closely with our customers to manage these high profile shipments safely, securely and confidentially.

Case Study – Confidence & Secrecy = Decoy Vehicles

The Brief: To transport a single piece of priceless art from the UK to Italy with maximum security possible.

The Solution: Three unmarked trucks, each with two drivers arrive at an empty warehouse, with the vehicles entering a secure, undercover area one by one. The driver’s remain in their cabs while only one of the vehicles is loaded. The three trucks then set off in convoy, fully GPS tracked and with a scheduled check in call with HQ every hour. Only one member of staff from the shipper has knowledge of which vehicle contains the cargo. The vehicles arrive at an enclosed warehouse and are each ‘unloaded’.