Plastic retail hangers haven’t been changed in over 60 years. They’re so hated by retail floor staff and consumers alike that it’s a wonder they’re still in use. They’re mistakenly considered to be cheap. But the real cost of a plastic retail hanger is more than the price paid for it.

Green product design company, Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions has reimagined the much despised retail hanger to work better, more efficiently and with 100% zero waste.

How much of a game-changer is the new sustainable hanger in retail platforms? Here are 4 ways that an ecological hanger can change a retailer’s bottom line:

1. Increased Sales –
By swapping out to a new, sustainable hanger, retailers can fit up to 50% more garments on retail racks. More product = increased sales. Sustainable hangers also speak to a younger more discriminating client who shop their convictions.

2. Marketing/Branding Add-ons –
Sustainable Hangers add a new marketing platform to show your brand’s ecological initiatives. The added room for information, the ability to match your company’s brand look, all focus attention on your green efforts and philosophy. Hangers with QR codes can go home with the consumer, who can scan them later to find out about future sales, special promotions, new lines or even fill out surveys.

3. Shipping Savings –
For apparel companies that ship their garments on hangers, sustainable hangers can save up to 20% and more in shipping costs. Spread out across the entire logistical chain (more garments in cartons, trucks and containers; fewer man hours loading and unloading; less room taken in distribution centers) the savings end up paying for themselves.

4. 100% Zero Waste –
85% of plastic hangers are thrown out at retail stores. Sustainable Hangers are recyclable both at the retail level (with cardboard boxes) or at the consumer’s curbside collection service. Add on their only using recycled material (unlike virgin plastic for regular retail hangers) and the benefits are enormous.

OIA Global (, a provider of worldwide logistics, packaging, and materials sourcing and Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions (, a green product design company, have announced a joint marketing agreement creating an innovative program for shipping and retailing called Garments on Ditto. This breakthrough is engineered to make shipping on hangers, commonly known as “Garments on Hanger” (GOH) far more efficient and will allow retailers to replace the billions of one-use, virgin plastic hangers now going into landfills every year.



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