High Value Secure Transport

High Value Cargo

Successfully transporting high value goods requires the highest levels of care, planning and trust.

From precious stones, priceless paintings to an unreleased prototype or invaluable medical equipment, here at Argo we work closely with our customers to manage these high profile shipments safely, securely and confidentially

Vehicle GPS Tracking

We at Argo understand the importance of security and how valuable even the smallest shipment can be, not always in terms of value itself but its importance to the destination.

Our fleet of vehicles offer the option for mobile GPS tracking, allowing you to track your shipment at any time. Every driver is also equipped with a mobile phone for emergencies and to maintain regular contact and provide updates on journey times.

Every driver also has a sat nav, helping to reduce transit times in the busiest of places across Europe, also helping in situations of road closures and diversions to ensure the driver stays on the quickest path possible.

Secure Loading

All of our vehicles are fitted with either load lock rails or floor anchor securing points. Even for the smallest shipments the security and safety of your shipment is paramount.

All our drivers help when loading cargo, they actively make sure your cargo and protected before departing.

Using straps, blankets and load lock bars you can be assured your goods will arrive as they left.